Poem about Emacs and Vim

2 August 2023 emacs

This poem was made by ChatGPT.

Emacs Daemon and Multiple Daemons

14 August 2021 emacs

I have been using Emacs the normal way for many years and I am really happy with it. By normal, I mean starting Emacs as a regular process and not using the daemon with emacsclient. This approach has been good enough because usually I start Emacs once when I start working and then just keep it running throughout the day. The startup time is not too bad, maybe around a second or two, when it happens only once per day. With the faster startup speed usually described as the main benefit of the daemon process, I had not seen the need for it in my workflow. But now I changed my system to run not one, but two, daemon processes of Emacs, and I am really glad I made the change.

Customizing Indentation in Emacs CC Mode

25 October 2020 emacs php software-engineering

I have been using Emacs as my main text editor for writing PHP code. For that purpose, the php-mode is a nice Major Mode which provides syntax highlighting and other convenient features. It can be installed from the MELPA package repository.

Customizing Emacs Keybindings

14 December 2019 emacs

I have been using Emacs as my text editor for a few years now. One of the best features about emacs is that you can customize everything. This is because of the underlying lisp interpreter that allows you to define custom functions and then bind them to keys. This is in contrast to a "normal" text editor which allows you to change keybindings, but only to pre-defined built-in functions which perform the text manipulation.